Keratin 20"


ST Hair extensions is Made of 100% Remy human hair are designed at one end with a layer of keratin to be fused together with the client’s hair. This system last up to 6 months and we carry keratin in-sheets for the reuse of the extensions. Keratin is a fiber protein found in natural hair and keratin system is the preferred method by many professional stylist and salons. 
You can treat our natural Hair System Extensions as your own hair. You can brush it, color it, wash it and use hot tools on them.
Content: 10 pieces per pack.

The hair that we collect for the production of our hair extensions is 100% human virgin hair. Our extensions are not mixed with synthetic or animal hair, nor have hair collected as the residue of hair’s remaining on brushes or leftover from haircuts. Our hair is Remy, meaning that the hair cuticles face the same direction, making it easier to manage. Furthermore, we do not use bleaching process to take pigments off hair, but rather use an innovative system called Osmosis.

We know that choosing hair extensions can be difficult, reason why we take our time selecting each batch of virgin Remy hair for a perfect product you can rely on. We stand behind our products like no other.

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